Empowering people through sustainable fashion in the name of aesthetics & humanity.

Nimfa is a small business run by an enthusiastic fashion lover, thrifter, and designer.

 I first found inspiration in the Greek Mythological stories of the Nymphs. Their connections to nature and the female body echo throughout the Nimfa vintage and Nimfa design collections.

Curating vintage clothing promotes sustainability through conscientious consumption. By purchasing preloved clothing we are helping curb the creation of more. When I design new items, I focus on basics that we can hardly find in vintage version and I use all natural materials.

Nimfa celebrates all the good in womanhood by fighting to end human trafficking. Having worked with Névtelen Utak Alapítvány (Anonymous Ways Foundation) 5% of all sales go to support this nonprofit foundation.

I of course also enjoy seeing people glow as they wear these pieces. I hope that the glow is from the piece, the knowledge of the good to which they've contributed, or the visual form of a boosted self-esteem, the Nymph in her showing through.

Thank you for being part of this conscientious community,