At Nimfa, we design goods and curate vintage items in the name of aesthetics & humanity.

Nimfa Vintage

We deliver high quality, fashionable pieces that tell stories of the past while being sustainable, ethical and trendy.

Nimfa Design

The in-house line of Nimfa. Prints and earrings for now,

and more to come.

Nimfa Concept

Designer items curated by Nimfa.



Being a modern nymph means to be a person who’s the son or daughter of nature, who’s respectful towards others and the Planet, all the while expressing their personality in a classy way.

We are building a community of people who are striving to be conscientious and kind!


We hand select our vintage collections to match your style and create new items that add the final finish to your look while supporting local artists.



Vintage is past, present, and future: Each piece carries experiences from the past into the present. These high quality well cared for products have a story to tell now and into the future as they protect our home, planet Earth, by producing less and using the cherished products we already have.


We build our values on two pillars: aesthetics & humanity. We support our local community, practice sustainability and we stand for human rights by donating 5% of all sales to Névtelen Utak Alapítvány.