The Myth of Daphne

Experience the myth of the Greek nymph Daphne with this luxurious handmade silk scarf. Radiate everlasting beauty wearing it like a laurel crown adorning your head in a traditional manner. Or simply exude contemporary fashion with this quixotic scarf draped as a timeless accessory. Limited edition. Original Nimfa design. 100% silk.

Gold & rhodium plated Nimfa earrings

We created a basic collection of quality earrings for you which come in a recycled logo box to add the final glow to these precious metal coated jewelries. Ethically hand-made in Budapest, Hungary.

Aesthetics & Humanity

Being a modern Nymph means to be a person who’s the son or daughter of nature, who’s respectful towards others and the Planet, all the while expressing their personality in a classy way.

We are building a community of people who are striving to be conscientious and kind!

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