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24 carat gold plated earrings hand-made in Hungary in small quantities. Get to know our basic styles and preorder your favorite.


These earrings were created in collaboration with Secondland in the name of sustainability, sisterhood and mythology. Two sustainable brands support each others' concepts and mission with this collaboration.

Aesthetics & Humanity

Being a modern Nymph means to be a person who’s the son or daughter of nature, who’s respectful towards others and the Planet, all the while expressing their personality in a classy way.

We are building a community of people who are striving to be conscientious and kind!

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the essential GAIA basic hoop

Extend your wardrobe with these basic hoops named after the goddess of the Earth. Available in 4 different colors. Water resistant, real gold, silver or rhodium plated earrings, handmade in Budapest. Buy 1pair, get the 2nd pair with 30% off, see your options in the drop down menu.

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